Q. How do I use this page?
To find your software use the search box on the top of the page, then click on the "Buy Now" or "Copy Coupon" buttons to get the discount offer.

Q. What is the difference between "Buy Now" and "Copy Coupon" buttons?
"Buy Now" buttons (red color) will direct you to the checkout page with discount applied.
"Copy Coupon" buttons (green color) will copy the coupon code into your clipboard, then you'll have to enter it manually into the checkout page.

Q. What does the red coupon tag means?
The red coupon tag near the Name of the product means this discount is an Exclusive Discount for Shareware.Deals only.

Q. Where do I paste the coupon code/How do I use the coupon code?
Simply go the the checkout page, paste the coupon code on the special coupon box (different on each shop) and click on the "Update" or "Apply" button.

Q. The discount code/link is not working, what should I do??
Clear your cookies or use another browser...still no working? contact us and we will be gald to help you.

Q. The software deals table is not working, what should I do??
In order to see the discounts table you should have Javascript enabled in your browser...still no working? contact us and we will be gald to help you.

Q. I need tech support for my software??
Shareware.Deals don't sell/resell software products, we offer software discounts valid on official software publishers stores, therefore, to get support you should contact the official vendor tech support team.

Q. Where I can find support for payment issues??
For payment related issues you should contact the e-commerce providers: Avangate Customer Support, Cleverbridge Customer Support, Mycommerce Customer Support
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