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Shareware.Deals is a great source for the latest coupons and deals for shareware Windows & Mac applications (a.k.a software that you'll have to pay for using them). Our website will be frequently updated with the top and latest software discounts & software deals that will help you to save big at great prices on your favorite software when you shop them online! After you'll get around here, we sure we can encourage and give you few reasons to buy software online and save you a few bucks!

What we offer on Shareware.Deals:

In our special shareware discounts list, you can find promo codes, deals, and sales for top-notch and well-known software brands including Bitdefender, CyberLink, Piriform, IObit, Coral, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky, Nitro Pro, and Ashampoo. Our site also covers all software categories available, including security, privacy, internet tools, multimedia, graphic design, system utilities, development and more.

We offer many rare and exclusive software voucher codes such as Nitro Pro Coupon Code, Glasswire Voucher Code, Hitman Pro Promo Code, CCleaner Coupon Code, VIPRE Promo Code and many more...We also offer special sales and promotions when they occur such as Black Friday Sales, Cyber Monday sales. For example, we have published shareware on sale such as Bitdefender Black Friday Sale and IObit Black Friday for 2018 and that's just the begging...

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Whenever if you are a student, a developer, a business owner (home-based or large enterprise) or just a simple end home user, you'll be able to get discounts on expensive software and save up to 80% OFF. If you are a software pirate, we hope that looking through our catalog will convince you to stop it.

Affiliate Disclosure: SharewareDeals is not selling any software! we only provide direct discounts links and coupons valid on official software shops. We receive a commission for purchases made through the links on this site. Check our Privacy Policy.

Last Update: November 15, 2018

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Software Deals Changelog

October, 2018
  • Updated: IObit Uninstaller Voucher for version 8 and IObit Driver Booster Voucher for Version 6.
  • Updated: 2018 Cyberlink Coupon Codes with 10% off, including new Cyberlink PowerDVD Voucher Code, and new PowerDirector and PhotoDirector Voucher Codes with 12% off.
  • Updated: O&O Defrag Discount Links.
  • Extended and Updated: NXPowerLite Coupon offer for Windows and Mac and Mondly Discount Links with 20% off at store.
  • Added: WebSite X5 Coupon and WebAnimator Offer with 30%-35% off on store.
  • Updated: Discount Link for ESET Internet Security.
  • Updated: Panda Dome discount offer - 50% off for all editions Premium, Complete, Essential and Advanced .
  • Added: Nitro Productivity Suite discount offer for multiple licenses.
  • Updated: Piriform CCleaner Network Coupon Code - exipry date.
  • Updated: System Mechanic 2018 Discount Vouchers for Pro and Ultimate editions.
  • New: Bitdefender 2019 Discount Coupons for all Versions.
  • New! 123FormBuilder Voucher Code and Mondly Premium - 18% OFF Coupon Code Annual/Monthly Subscription!
  • Reminder: 50% OFF discount on iolo Phoenix 360 with a new Voucher Code.
  • Updated: Voucher Codes for All Movavi Products - up to 30%.
  • Added: Sophos Home Premium Coupon Code - 20%.
  • Updated: Discount links for Piriform CCleaner with 20% off.
  • Extended: Hitman Pro Coupon Code with 20% off
  • Extended: Discounts codes for All O&O products including: O&O BlueCon Coupon Code.

What is Software?

Software License Box

According to Wikipedia: "Computer software, or simply software, is a part of a computer system that consists of data or computer instructions, in contrast to the physical hardware from which the system is built."

There are two types of software: Freeware and Shareware. Freeware is a free software that allows you to use it for personal and sometimes for commercial purposes for no cost. Shareware is a copyrighted software that demands payment in order to use it or demand a fee for continued use and support (usually offers a try-before-you-buy trial period or demo for testing). Shareware usually offered for commercial markets and intended to generate revenue for the developers.

Most of the time you can find Freeware alternative to every Shareware product out there, but sometimes shareware apps offer unique/advanced features that you can't find in Freeware app, therefore, you must buy it.

Top Reasons to Buy Software License?

Buy Software License Online

  • Having peace of mind knowing your software is 100% pure, secure and stable.
  • Get premium/customer/technical support from the software company.
  • Freeware/Open Source apps don't have the features that will fulfill your needs.
  • Encourage the developer/s to continue upgrading the software code - helping in future development.
  • If you split the payment per month, you can find that it's not that expensive.

There are users that choose to pirate software instead of paying for a legit license. It includes using - cracks, serials, keygens, torrents, or downloading full activated programs. These people might save few dollars in the short-term by avoiding paying full price for a premium software license, but over the long-term, they can end up causing more damage, by exposing themselves to higher risks such as risking their identity or financial information to hackers or losing valuable data. According to the Business Software Alliance Study, the global piracy rate hovered at 42 percent in 2011 while a steadily expanding marketplace in the developing world drove the commercial value of software theft to $63.4 billion.

The decision to go this path is bad and can cause bad effects to your experience. The main reasons for this bad phenomenon/plague are too costly prices and the easiness to do it. We recommend to use freeware apps instead of expensive software when possible, or alternatively, buy low-cost software by using our shareware coupons.

Why should you avoid pirated software?

Stop Software Piracy

  • Software piracy is illegal!...means you are breaking the law.
  • It is dangerous! A lot of pirated tools and copies are infected with hidden malware which can harm your PC.
  • The way to get a pirated copy including getting into dirty/risky websites.
  • Developers work hard on that software, they deserve it, imagine someone would steal your work?
  • Pirated tools are designed by hackers/criminals and cannot be trusted.
  • In most cases, you won't receive software updates.
  • It causes the developers to raise the prices up.
  • Pirated copy can be damaged or broken.

To help you avoid pirated copies and encourage you to buy software legally, we offer many exclusive software deals and coupons for most popular brands, and even heavily discounted sales which allows you to save up to 85% OFF! Means you'll be able to shop shareware licenses at very low costs and sometimes you may even save more than 200$ per purchase. You also don't need to search where to buy software online, because all our voucher and promotions are valid on the official stores, that also guarantees safety when you know that you buy directly from the official company.

You can read our full article about software piracy: Pirated Software And Why You Should Avoid It.

About Shareware.Deals

Software Coupons Online Shopping

SharewareDeals is part of A daily software news site, and was established in the middle of 2017. We have built partnership with over 100 software vendors including worldwide trusted and well known software brands such as Piriform - one of the most known software companies on both home and enterprise markets which developed CCleaner, Bitdefender - top cybersecurity and anti-virus software company, Kaspersky - a multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider, Malwarebytes, IObit, and Movavi.

This partnership allows us to provide you with the great shareware discount codes, which among them you can find 20% Coupon Code for CCleaner, All Movavi Discount Coupons 2018, ThreathTrack VIPRE Discount Code 2018 with 40% OFF valid on the official store, 20% OFF Nitro Pro Discount, 15% Off Passware Coupon Code, 15% Off voucher code valid for Glasswire, HitmanPro Promo Code with 20% at cart and more...Unfortunately, we don't share any Microsoft or Adobe offers such as discounts for Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office.

We are a trusted source for online software coupon codes and sales, we check our database frequently to save you time and to ensure you'll be satisfied while you are here (not like some coupon sites with no value that share fake coupons/discounts offers just for traffic and free money). We really want to help you saving money on your online software shopping.

If you are looking to buy cheap software licenses online, low-cost software for students - you found the right place. If you are looking for great antivirus deals you are also in the right direction! because everything is here! last but not least we would much appreciate if you'll share this page with your friends, forums, etc..and help them to save money on software.
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